June 23, 2010

Free Coffee @ Caldis

The best things in life are free
so grab some coffee.

Every time we visit Aeon mall in Akita,
We usually drop by at Caldis to grab some free coffee.
They have the best coffee better than starbucks.
(It`s the best coz` its free)

They sell a lot of foods from different places around the world.
They have dried mangoes from Cebu city, Philippines.
Luckily they have it there,
coz` if I`m craving for one I can easily grab a pack of dried mangoes.

While looking around and drinking my free coffee
I saw this coconut milk and it has the name of my sister Kara.
How cool is that? she has her own brand of coconut milk.

If you want to have a best coffee, you don`t need to go to Starbucks or any coffee shop.
Just look for Caldis and you`ll have the best coffee.
It`s free! no one can beat a free things in this world.

1 comment:

tatzle said...

coffee lang ang free?wahaha..
wow!ngalan ko!wooooot!