June 19, 2011

Happy Father`s day Fasher!

The toughest, thriftiest and responsible dad in the entire world. 
"Fasher" a term we call to our dad.

He may not be around all the time to see us growing old but he never fails to be a good dad even though he doesn`t talk much or hang around with us but that`s okay because of him we had a good education and we got almost everything we need.

I want to share some of my precious pictures with  Fasher.
Why so precious?

Do you want to know why?

He doesn`t like to be taken a picture
He rarely smile.
but when he smiles 
he look so different and he is not faking it.

A beautiful picture with Masher and Fasher.
On my testimonial rites when I passed my board exam.

His an alien!
crazy picture on New Year`s eve.

Making funny faces with Masher.
Aren`t they cute?

A nice picture on Christmas eve.

Childhood picture with Fasher

I really look like him 

Fasher`s first time to put on the Christmas star because he is 
not always home on Christmas day.

A rare smile. My favorite picture with Fasher.

There was a time that we had misunderstanding but after that we talked and made things clear. 
Fasher never fails to prioritize us.
His a very responsible dad.

Take care!
Love ya!

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