May 15, 2011

Let`s go for a walk

Today I went for a walk going to Jumunji.
No internet at home so I decided to walk going to school.
Why not? 
It`s a good exercise.
 I walked From Daigo to Jumunji  (300m) 
and it took me almost an hour.

Oh Tulips!

 While walking I saw these lovely tulips and I can`t stop myself from taking a picture of it. 

 I also pass by a beautiful Japanese Park near Jumunji.
I took a rest and I enjoyed the scenery around it especially the bridge and the pond.
So relaxing.


Maria F said...

Hello, Ms.Lovender!

these pictures are so beautiful! I wish i could see these scenaries myself. Thank you for this post.

My name is Maria, i'm from Saint Petersburg, Russia and found your blog from IUOMA. Do you enjoy being a member of this society? I hope you do =)


CrystaL* said...

It's nice to see where around where you live. I love taking peeks into people's daily lives I find it fascinating. Thanks for sharing :)
Much Love,