April 18, 2011

Swimmer pouch

I got this pouch from Swimmer.
It`s very handy as you can see there`s a lot of pockets with that
you can put anything in it.

The best part of this pouch is the pattern
I love dolls and the picture is vintage.
So lovely. 

Isn`t it lovely?


CrystaL* said...

This is so sweet! I have a little bag this size but it is not nearly as cute as this. I just have to keep using it because it is so old and has a special place that says 'STAMPS' where it has a little pocket and little book for stamps. Either way I am jealous of the cuteness of yours!
I sent off a envelope for you this morning. I hope it makes it way safely to you!
Much Love,

P.S. Thanks for the add on my blog!

amberlee said...

I think i need one of these, it is so cute!