March 13, 2011

We can`t fight our Mother Nature

March 11,2011
Massive Earthquake
8.9 Magnitude hit Japan.

I`m really glad that I`m living in Akita. There`s no big destruction here in our city but still I`m really sad to see those victims of this tragic happening.

These are my firsthand experience with Mother Nature.

  • My first ever earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9!
  • None stop aftershocks from time to time. I kept waking up in the middle of the night because of this. It`s really scary.
  • Two days of total blackout. 
  • There`s no cellular signals.No communications
  • There are no generators.
  • Not enough water because everything we had in the house are run by electricity.
  • No candles.
  • No heater for a night and the bad thing about that it`s still snowing here and terribly cold.

I may say that most of the people here were not that prepared when it comes to blackout they didn`t really expect it to happen  because for them there is no such thing as blackout. We are also one of them. Every houses here in Japan were run by electricity from stoves, heaters, water pumps  and even gasoline stations. That was the bad side of it. No matter how hightech you are you can`t use them in this kind of situation. We can`t really fight our Mother nature. All we can do is stop for awhile and pray for those people who were affected by this natural calamity.

This is not just another coming soon movie to watch,
 this is the REAL thing!

Let`s continue praying for Japan.

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Erin Dawn said...

Good to hear you're ok. We have some students from Tokoro who just landed last night in Edmonton...they're shaken but doing ok.

Ms.Lovender said...

Good to hear that too. Being here is really scary and kinda traumatic too but I`m being strong coz anything is possible to happen here.

Alex and Tomo said...

Hi IUOMA made a group sending fellow artists in Japan to send us mail art. You are in Touhoku so I was worried about you too. I am glad to see this blog that you were ok.
As you know, I am in Osaka and there was no earthquake, but tiny tunami on the wakayama coast only. So it is amazing to see what happen in the north.
I have experienced Kobe earthquake too, but this is like 1000 times bigger. Oh, it is actually M9 with official fixed record now.


fashioneggpplant said...

this was truly devastating, im glad you're ok. will continue to include japan in my prayers. take care!