October 16, 2010

A murder of crows

Just outside of our school.
So creepy.

Myths and Superstitions About Crows and Ravens

There are many dark superstitions about ravens and crows involving ghosts, fairies, the Devil, witches and death:

  • In Germany, Ravens were thought to be able to find the souls of the dead, and contain the souls of the damned. Witches rode on ravens.

  • Swedes believed the croaking calls of ravens were the voices of murdered people who had not been properly buried.

  • An Irish superstition said crows were fairies, bent on malicious mischief.

  • In England, six ravens are kept in the Tower of London: the legend says that if anything should befall them, the country will be invaded.

  • European tradition has it that both crows and ravens are birds of the Devil, and that all birds in this family descend into Hell annually while they are moulting to give feathers to the Devil.

  • A crow or raven on the roof foretells death or misfortune to the home's inhabitants; a raven on the church steeple is bad news for the entire community.

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