August 08, 2010

1st week of August

Monday the 2nd
  • Watching basketball game in Akita
Tuesday the 3rd
  • I`m in love with One republic songs: Secret & Stop and Stare.
  • Favorite music for this week "Club can`t handle me" by Florida.
Wednesday the 4th
  • I got my first surprise in my mailbox!

Thursday the 5th

  • I got my first postcard set from my student. I was surprise when she handed me the Mt. Fuji postcards.
  • I have new color pencils from Picasso `s museum. A friend of mine gave it to me because his not using it.
Friday the 6th
  • My first Indian food. The curry was the best.
  • I got real PRADA back pack and Armani sweatshirt.
  • I`m so happy to have the RedHorse. I`m really craving for this. I didn`t expect it to have it here. This is exported from the Philippines. I feel like home after drinking.

Saturday the 7th
  • I want to breakout today. I feel like crying but I can`t.
  • Every time my students are smiling I feel energized.
  • I ended my class saying "Yellow-Red" while playing the UNO.
Sunday the 8th
  • Teaching is really my passion even though I`m tired this whole week I`m making it possible to be positive all the time.
  • At last the week is over I ended it with a movie. I saw an action movie SALT by Angelina Jolie.

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Fabi said...

:) Sounds like a full, but sometimes funny week as well :)!

This is BubbLeGumGirLie from swap-bot for the Blog Me, Baby swap. You really have a cool blog.