July 26, 2010

Swap-Bot: I`m a blogger, follow me!!

This week I discovered a new interesting way to be productive and creative. Swap bot is a new discovery for ideas, creativity, foods and bloggers.

check these:
New interesting blogs.


Judes Mom said...

hi.. i don't know how to follow you, even though you are through blogspot. I think maybe it will pop up like, viola, after i post. (it's done that a couple times to me) anyway, i'm craftymomme08 at swapbot and you are my last person to follow on 'my' list, and i'm glad cause i'm getting confused. lol. Come over and visit me if you want!

and tell me how to follow you!!! lol

Judes Mom said...

yay!!! thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for adding my link to your blog wasn't it a great swap. I have found so many great new blogs.
bluefeather from swapbot. i am now following your gorgeous blog.

Sara A said...

I'm sara0811 from swapbot. I used to live in Japan so I was so interested to see your blog. My daughter went to first grade in Japan. During the summer she had to do an enikki, and grow the asagao plant. I thought the Japanese elementary school was really a great experience.

Trulyana said...

It is truly a wonderful idea, to be in connection with so many different people and to get inspired by others whilst at the same time making new friends. I was also part of that exchange and I enjoyed it very much. Love from AnaGoncalves on swapbot, blog me baby. :)