June 07, 2010

BBQ Party: Philippine style

This is the Philippines flag made of maja blanca; Philippines sweet food.
It looks like a clay but its not. It may look weired but when eat it
you can`t stopping eating.

everybody is helping designing the star and the sun.

now they just can`t stop eating it.

banana toron


Our Japanese students with parents.

Me and my students.
I`m in the yellow green dress.

Junior high school students + Takuma

everybody is excited for ice cream
from Philippines.

He loves the ube + macapuno ice cream.
He`s going crazy.

selecta ube and macapuno ice cream.

fruit punch

Philippine fruits.


tatzle said...

hahaha!!kaulomol cla!

~TrainMama~ said...

Look like you all had a great time :)