May 30, 2010

Stop over @ Toys R Us

Toys R Us

I`m so fascinated with this doll house.

I find this so real.
I like turtle very much so I`m thinking of buying this soon.

These are Chocolate Blocks.
It look so yummy, I feel like eating them while playing.
They comes in real packing at the first glance
you will think that these are real chocolates.

If there is a chocolate blocks it comes with lollipops too, Chupa Chups.
Chupa Chups puzzle! can you believe that?
It`s so amazing.

Oh, Stuff animals.

It feel so good to visit kids stores, it feels like your a kid again.
wanting all the toys and your eyes get so big staring at the toys you want.
It was fun being there and reminiscing all of your childhood memories.

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