August 10, 2009

My First teaching experience

I've received a text message from Trinity School informing me to call them. So I did, they asked me if I'm available and I told them that I'm available and I'll be there by 10:30 A.M. I arrived at the school and I looked for Teacher Gas for the further information and I was also introduced to the principal and we had a little chat about the things I'll be doing as a substitute English teacher. I was accompanied by the principal to the English department and I was introduced to Teacher Romalia; head of the English Department. She told me that one of the English teacher is absent so I'm responsible to substitute her class. Teacher Romalia gave the Grammar Composition 2 to me she gave me instructions on what to discuss in the class.
*Oh My It was a on the spot class!* so I scan a little and took a very very deep breath and I told my self that I can do it. I got a minute to scan it because by now I have a class.... Oh my I think I'm not prepared but I just prayed while walking to the classroom and saying "Kaya mo na LOVE". Teacher Romaila introduced me to the class and she left me with 50 eyes looking straight at me. I smiled and wrote my name on the wall and I introduced myself to the class. Right after that I started my class with a Grammar topic on The Four Structures of the sentences, thank goodness I know it a little. I keep on asking my students so that I will have a time to look for explainations and samples, that's a strategy. I was glad becauses I never felt any pressure or even a single nervousness in front of the class. I felt I was teaching there for a long time. I manage to take the class for an hour and I also let them answer an exercise untile the bell rang for the time. *Whew* I survived the my first class. Lunch time has come and I didn't ate anything, I got a class at 1:40 P.M. and it's a biology class, Yes a BIOLOGY class. *Oh my* but it's okay because back in college I got a chance to sit-in to my Gensci frends classes. So, I enter another class and it's a second year highschool students they were very noisy *super* I begin my class with an itroduction of my name and I let them settle down. I asked them to get their biology book and let them open on the page where I'll be discussing. so I let them listen while I read the lessons. The students started to make noises, I was irritated by the noise and I paused and look at them and they starting to lessen the noise. I so pissed of because they thought I missed pronounced the word LIPID and they starting to make side comments. I just ignored it and continued my lessons. but things became worst they didn't even copied the notes and I got angry and told them that after the note taking I'll be giving them a quiz, so they panic and they started to take down notes. After the whole discussion I gave them a 10 item quiz and right after that we checked the quiz. The funny thing in this class was that we ended the class early it was 2:25 P.M. and I didn't know that after that class they'll be having their afternoon recess. One of the student asked me if I can dismiss them early so that they can take their recess early,I thought of a funny thing, I told them that if they can keep a silent moment within 2:30P.M. I can let them leave the class, so everybody is looking at the clock including me until the second hand of the clock stricks 30 and it did. I let them have their early recess. That was the end of my todays class. It was a good experience for me.

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Kelly Lynn said...

Oh my gosh! You are so brave! My mom just retired from being a teacher and I know that I would never be able to stand in front of people and lead like that. Good for you! You sound like a very strong woman!!
kellylynn9 from Swapbot