July 22, 2009

To make myself useful

This past few months, I've been doing nothing. I'm just here at the house looking useless, I mean with "useless" is that I've never been productive. Productive in a sense that I'm doing things like I'm used to, example doing some home works, projects, art crafts and etc. I want to be busy. So I thought of something that will make me busy. I decided to read some novels that I got from booksale. It's more cheaper than in a bookstore..I'm into mystery books, just like Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I Like mind cracking books.

These are the books I bought at Booksale

Da Vinci Code was a good book, I was really hooked with it I can't even put it down, It was ended a page turner. I'm currently reading The rule of four as well as angels and demons at the same time. I mean in a day I'm reading both of them, 5 chapter each. I guess it's more easier and faster to read. They say it's confusing but in my case I don't. I'm enjoying it.

P.s. This is actually my first blog

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