August 01, 2009

Free July

July left me with a big smile.
for the following reasons:
  • I just turned 22.
  • My friend gave me a book entitled "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown.
  • I already have my Teacher License.
  • I got a free foot spa.
  • I got a chance to have a swimming party with my friends.
  • My friend bought me a cake for my birthday.
  • I enjoyed the comedy bar with my family.
  • I was inspired again to draw.
  • I got a free pizza and red margarita.
  • I got the chance to see one of our favorite local artist.
  • I'm starting to create fascinators.
  • I started blogging.
  • I watched a movie alone (I'm loving it).

"The best things in LIFE are FREE"

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