July 24, 2009

Got a hand?

Lending my hand to my mom is Fun! My mom asked me to help her finish the strawberry costume. I'm enjoying putting on the black teardrop like shape on the glittery cloth to emphasize that it really a strawberry *haha because this costume is due for tomorrow. So, we need to finish it today!

My mom woke up 2:00 A.M to start this costume then she's done by 9 :00A.M. by 10:00 A.M she took a little rest then by 2:00 P.M she started to do some little retouch on it then
*boom* it's done! How amazing!

*so hard*

I'm really serious doing the sewing thing. *haha* but I'm enjoying it, while doing the stuff cootchie; my dog, keeps on distracting me, she even climb up the table and there she lay down looking at me like she wants something. She keeps on looking and licking my hands just to get my attention. so I decided to make fun of her, I put on the strawberry hat and took a picture of her. I think she likes it.

Cootchie is enjoying her strawberry hat

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